The Rise of Fixed Wireless Access

Oct 11. 2023
  • Kali Pickens - Host, Director, Marketing, Netwroks Business, Samsung Electronics America

    Kali Pickens

    Host, Director, Marketing,
    Networks Business, Samsung Electronics America

  • Sanjay Kodali - Head of Technology, Networks Business, Samsung Electronics America

    Sanjay Kodali

    Head of Technology,
    Networks Business, Samsung Electronics America

Samsung’s Kali Pickens and Sanjay Kodali talk about the capabilities and prospects for Fixed Wireless Access, the expanded business opportunities with FWA, and what Samsung is doing to help foster its growth.

Fixed Wireless Access, or FWA, has emerged as a powerful enabler in the mobile landscape and is one method being used to fulfill the growing user demand for data. FWA is another offering to provide high-speed internet access to homes, businesses, and remote areas without relying on traditional wired connections like fiber or cable lines for the ‘last mile’ of connectivity. The demand for FWA itself among broadband users is growing with analyst firms expecting FWA users to reach 14-18 million in 2027 in the United States.

While solving for the last mile is one benefit of Fixed Wireless Access, it also offers operators a path to expand their business offerings and generate more revenue. They’re able to obtain new subscribers by promoting bundles for mobile and FWA services. The service is also able to provide initial high-speed access to businesses and consumers in urban and suburban areas to supplement and enhance existing networks. The advancements and proliferation of Fixed Wireless are advancing around the globe. MNOs worldwide are involved in FWA, but there are many others as well including MSOs and WISPs with regional operators playing a pivotal role in the growth of FWA.


Samsung is the leader in enabling operators to harness the next wave of Fixed Wireless Access applications. It will continue to advance mmWave leadership for FWA by offering new dual-band products and by enabling faster FWA deployments with its proven vRAN architecture.

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