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Why is
5G RAN important?

Mobile network operators are truly experiencing the value of 5G,
enabling new and exciting services for both consumers and enterprises. At the same time, they are faced with the challenges of expanding 5G
networks at both new sites and existing sites already saturated with previous network equipment. 5G radio access network, or 5G RAN, plays a key rol in advancing coverage and capacity and they must offer performance improvements in as small of a footprint as possible.

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Why deploy Samsung 5G RAN?

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Why deploy Samsung 5G RAN?

Samsung is leading innovations in 5G RAN by building on industry-leading designs and leveraging 5G deployment expertise from first-to-deploy experiences. Today, Samsung’s 5G RAN provides maximum performance and capacity to enhance user experiences by incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as massive MIMO and effectively leveraging the mmWave spectrum. Samsung's 5G RAN portfolio delivers the promise of a 5G experience that meet the demands of mobile operators while accelerating time to market.

To continue our product and technology leadership, we are investing heavily in research and development, especially fundamental building blocks such as chipsets. This includes mmWave RFICs to integrate the RF chain and massive number of antenna elements and 5G modems, just to name a few. We also continue to lead the way in 5G breakthroughs not only using traditional RAN but latest ORAN/vRAN technology. Samsung is the only major network vendor that has conducted vRAN commercial deployments with Tier One operators in North America, Europe and Asia. Lastly,
we are also taking responsibility to create greener and more eco-friendly solutions for the planet. Our RAN solutions can intelligently conserve energy to not only optimize operational costs but reduce carbon footprint.

Samsung is working as a close partner with major operators to lead the 5G evolution, delivering advanced capabilities and superior
performance to our customers.

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