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Samsung’s Compact Macro is an unparalleled solution for rolling out mmWave 5G services. It’s an innovative product that integrates the baseband, radio and antenna all together in one small form factor. It leverages Samsung’s in-house chipsets to reduce its size, support all frequencies within the mmWave spectrum and delivers high performance while ensuring maximized energy efficiencies for sustainable network operations. For mobile operators looking to add more capacity to their networks, the Compact Macro is the ideal solution.

Fast and easy deployment with minimal footprint

The Compact Macro is one of the simplest radio network configurations in the industry for fast, easy and efficient network deployment. With in-house modems in place, the product serves functions from the baseband for a straightforward network architecture with reduced transport and backhaul resources. In addition, as the product is compact and lightweight, it can be installed on street lamps or utility poles to minimize site access requirements and to optimize the general cost of deployment, eliminating the need for manpower, site acquisition and construction. The Compact Macro is an ideal capacity booster for dense, urban environments or for coverage of large venues including stadiums, airports, factories and concert halls. Additionally the Compact Macro is an excellent solution for enterprise private networks and delivery of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) services.

In-house 5G chipsets deliver technology innovations

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The Compact Macro solution is the culmination of Samsung’s years of design and development of our in-house chipset technology with the modem system-on-chip (SoC), radio frequency integrated circuit chips (RFICs) and digital front end chips (DFE-RFICs). The chipsets enable powerful products and played a critical role in enabling this solution to become the industry’s first integrated base station that is small and easy to deploy. Going further, Samsung’s chipsets also increase the energy efficiency of our products. For example, our latest solution, the dual-band Compact Macro, which operates in both the 28GHz and 39GHz bands, is equipped with our second generation 5G modem. With the new modem, the dual-band Compact Macro supports an ultra-wide 1,600MHz spectrum – double the bandwidth than compared to its predecessor. Furthermore, the new RFICs enable four times better output per beam for higher throughput and both the RFICs and DFE-RFICs are key to keeping the same size as before as well as reducing power consumption. The dual-band Compact Macro is an industry first and maximizes performance and efficiencies for mobile operators.

Pioneering antenna technologies for expanded coverage

Samsung is continuously exploring and improving antenna technologies to secure coverage in the mmWave spectrum. Leveraging our expertise from years of research and development, we were able to incorporate a massive number of antenna elements into a very tight space. The Compact Macro has over 1,000 antenna elements in the product to supports wide coverage, creating precise sharp beams to better target mobile users. With these advancements, Samsung is able to overcome the perceived limitations of mmWave spectrum and offer mobile operators a path to provide stable mmWave 5G services.



Over 1,000

antenna elements

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