Massive MIMO Radio

Outstanding coverage,
capacity and performance

Stepping into the limelight as a key player for 5G

Samsung’s Massive MIMO Radios are a crucial part of 5G networks. With cutting-edge technologies such as 3D beamforming and higher MIMO layers, our solutions provide a vast level of coverage, capacity and performance with an optimal form factor to support an easier installation process. Our diverse line-up of products are ready to meet the challenges of a complex 5G network like supporting the continuous growth of traffic and users

Complete solution for
any deployment scenario

Samsung offers a full range of Massive MIMO Radios that support a variety of spectrums, environments and traffic requirements.

  • Stellar performance and wide coverage, 64T64R Massive MIMO Radio

    To maximize 5G performance in the mid-band, Samsung’s 64T64R Massive MIMO Radios make full use of innovative technologies such as multi-user MIMO. The products are ready to meet the soaring mobile traffic usage experienced on 5G networks. For example, our products support 16 layers of downlink and 8 layers of uplink – the most out of any vendor. Furthermore, we successfully integrated our 64T64R Massive MIMO Radios with our vRAN solution and commercially proved their capability for stable and powerful performance in a commercial network.

  • Flexible and efficient deployment, 32T32R Massive MIMO Radio

    Samsung’s 32T32R Massive MIMO Radios are the perfect balance of performance and efficiency. They are powerful products that ensure high speeds and large coverage but are slim and light for efficient deployment and installation. The 32T32R products are key enablers for fast 5G rollout and expansion.

  • Maximizing network capacity and efficiency, dual-band Massive MIMO Radio

    Maximizing resource utility by supporting two frequency bands, Samsung’s dual-band Massive MIMO Radios can also be used as a capacity booster with wide bandwidth. Furthermore, these are sustainable 5G RAN solutions that minimize site footprint and lower energy consumption as two individual products are combined into one.

  • Configured for multi-band spectrum, FDD dual-band Massive MIMO Radio

    With decades of R&D expertise and commercial experience, Samsung has solved the challenges of FDD spectrum that inherently make advanced techniques such as beamforming difficult to design. Samsung’s Massive MIMO Radios supports both TDD bands and FDD bands. To take it a step further, the FDD Massive MIMO Radio offers dual-band operations with a single product and each spectrum band can be used to operate either LTE or 5G simultaneously.

Innovations for efficient
and sustainable operation

Samsung’s Massive MIMO Radios are built with many in-house components to create more efficient products. With our in-house chips and filter design, Samsung offers smaller, power efficient, powerful products. By using our beamforming SoC, the weight and volume of our products are reduced by up to 30% while power consumption is lowered by up to 15% than the previous generation. Samsung’s Massive MIMO Radios also offer natural convection cooling without fans to further reduce power requirements as well as size and weight. Natural cooling also brings down the number of site visits needed for operation and maintenance than compared to a fan-based system. Another important area of focus for Samsung is minimizing power consumption during network operation. We take a holistic approach that includes both increasing the energy efficiencies of our hardware while providing energy saving software to further reduce power consumption. For example, the Tx path of our Massive MIMO Radios are controlled to partially turn off antenna paths during non-congested times to conserve energy. With the best combination of features, Samsung can offer sustainable RAN solutions for our customers.

Maximizing performance
with advanced technologies

To enhance user experiences in various conditions and environments, Samsung is applying several advanced technologies. Samsung’s Massive MIMO Radio uses beamforming to create sharp beams that precisely target users and extends networks coverage. It also provides various beam scan range options so operators can selectively choose the best option for a certain target deployment area. It can be managed to either focus on a limited and complex area or cover a wide sparse area. Moreover, Samsung’s Massive MIMO Radio supports various beamforming modes including SRS (Sounding Reference Signal) mode, PMI (Precoding Matrix Index) mode and MU-MIMO mode, to deliver the best quality signals, no matter the mobile environment. For example, when a user device is located at the cell edge, Samsung’s Massive MIMO provides coordinated beamforming that adjusts the beam patterns of adjacent cells during SRS mode to decrease interference. To further enhance user performance in mobile environments, Samsung’s Mobility Enhancer combines AI and advanced signal processing technology to improve beamforming accuracy of a moving user. The Mobility Enhancer raises the beamforming performance of Massive MIMO Radios by up to 30% for pedestrians. Ultimately, Samsung’s best MIMO mode selection takes into account the constant changes of a user’s location, whether they are stationary, walking, or in a car, to provide the most optimized services.

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